Monday, January 14, 2008

The last month and a half in a nutshell.....

1. December 10-17th Travis and I went to Cabo San Lucas on vacation. It was really nice because Travis's parents were down there already and some really good friends of ours, Chuck and Mary. We spent a lot of time on the beach, snorkeled, went to a bull fight! and misc. other things. Travis and I did get sick quite a bit from either drinking something or eating whatever. It seems like forever ago.

2. We came home from Mexico to get ready for Christmas. It was hard to get into the routine because we had just been in wonderful weather. We spent the 23rd with the Carmesin clan at Aunt Rita's and that was peacefully pleasant. On the 24th we went up to my parents' for Christmas Eve. On Christmas, we opened gifts from Santa!! Then we went to John and Vickies. This Christmas began early but was very relaxing and not rushed. I love this time of year.

3. After Christmas I had to shift my energy into overdrive and finish the preparations for my parents 25th Wedding anniversary. Needless to say they were married on New Years Eve and that is when we planed the party. Thank heaven I had Vickie and my sisters help or I could not have done what I wanted to. It was a semi-formal event, hosted at the Samoa Women's club. We had prime rib, a green salad bar, mashed potatoes, brocolli jennifer, rolls, and smoky beans. We had a full bar, and the tables were beautiful with two different place settings of real china. It was a lot of work but the look of enjoyment on my parents faces were worth it.

4. Okay, so after New Years, Travis got sick. In 2000 he was diagnosed with a benign tumor/lesion on his kidney. It had gotten infected and that is how the doctors found out about it. Well about a week and a half ago he was in excruciating pain. We went to the emergency room and after doing a cat scan the dr. noticed that the tumor had gotten three times bigger. It is now pushing on his liver which is pushing on his diaphram. They think a blood vessel burst inside the lesion and it is hemorrhaging. There are two options. The urologist in Eureka thinks that he can surgurically remove the tumor but he isn't sure because it is so bloody. The second option is to go to U.C.S.F where they have better technology and they can hopefully see where the blood is coming from off of the kidney. Needless to say, he has an appt. for Wednesday at 2:00 at U.C.S.F. He is in pain right now but is managing with pain pills. He is very restless from being at home but we are surviving.

5. I was supposed to start my solo student teaching last Monday but No. I am going back to Sunny Brae today and I am very excited. I will keep every updated.

Finally, It has been a long time since I had a post due to being overwhelmed with taking care of my family. I hope everyone has had a good start to this new year. Love Danielle