Monday, November 27, 2006

We're Back....

Hello my fellow bloggers! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We made it to Cutbank, Montana safely and made it home in one piece. We flew out Friday November 17th from Sacramento and Travis and John (My father-in-law) picked us up in Great Falls, MT. The kids were great on the flight, thanks to having their own seats and the sit-n-stroll car seats. I posted a picture of the kids in their strollers because they also doubled as car seats on the flight. They truly made the travel experience easier.

Once in Montana we visited with family, played cards, cooked, went to a bed and breakfast, and had a gift exchange. The kids received a lot of neat gifts and when we got home I went through their current toys and got rid of a lot. I got all of my Christmas decorations out of the attic and have put the majority of them up inside the house. We need to get a tree this week, and put our outside lights up and we will be finished. Having just come back from vacation, and trying to make sure I have everything done for school in the next two weeks is overwhelming. I only have 30 more days to finish my Christmas shopping.

Overall, we had a great Thanksgiving, and I am looking forward to a wonderful Christmas. Have a great week. Danielle

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Best Friend, Husband, and Father

Yes, it's true I miss Travis. He will be picking us up at the airport in Montana on Friday afternoon. This past week has gone by quickly but I have missed him very much. I miss someone to chat with at night, or to have an adult conversation with. I miss sharing meals with him, and I never thought I would miss the before dinner wrestling matches he holds with the kids. I miss his noise! I still have plenty of noise between the two munchkins. Well, this weekend was terrrific. I didn't have school on Friday due to Veterans' Day. The kids and I took our time getting ready and we headed to the mall to get some Christmas shopping done. We are doing a gift exchange in Montana on Thanksgiving. We made it home for naps, and when the kids laid down, so DID I!!! We had lunch when we woke up and we invited ourselves to Janelle's for dinner. Saturday, the kids and I putted around and my dad took Cole to a football game for the afternoon. Cole slept through the first two halves!haha. Carly and I went to Ace hardware for a dog food container, and picked up a movie. Travis's grandparents invited to dinner so again, I didn't have to cook. If I play my cards right I occasionally have to cook... After the kids went to bed my friends' Jeff and Monica came over and we watched Shadowboxer. DO NOT WATCH IT, IT WAS VULGAR!!!! Today, the kids and I went to church, and I served in the Nursery. Cole is so funny he won't go in the nursery. He sits out in the main sanctuary and just listens and occasionally he'll draw. Carly always dashes for the nursery. My parents took the kids home for a nap and I went to the Library to do homework and research. Surprisingly, we had dinner at my parents. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, peaches, and homemade cinnamon rolls. We couldn't wait another two weeks. My next post is going to be my sweet potatoes which are as good as dessert. I know it seems that every post is what I did over the weekend, but oh well...... Have a terrific week!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Carly Ann Carmesin

This blog is all about Carly, and finding out who my little girl is. Everyday she reveals a different side to herself. For starters, Carly always wakes up when she wants to. She'll sleep through Cole in the middle of the night, or when he gets up at 7:00 she'll sleep till 8:00. She wants to eat breakfast first thing in the morning, and loves to use her yogurt as hair gel!!! Last month I would look at her and see a baby and last week she turned into a little girl. She talks non-stop and you can understand what she is saying. Cole answers her. I find that funny, because like I said last week she was a baby. She is ready to be potty trained, and I am not. Potty Training is like decorating. You can't do a good job decorating if you aren't in the mood, or you do a half-way job. That is the same with potty-training. When you begin potty-training you have to do it full blown otherwise you never see the fruits of your hard work. Every kid is always obsessed with putting on everyones shoes, but I swear "T" which for everyone who doesn't know that is Carly's nickname. Cole has called her "T" from day one and we all call her that... random...I know. Back to Carly and shoes....She IS INFATUATED!!! She tells me numerous times to look at her boots, or whatever she's sporting. If I could look into the future and see Carly in 6 years, I will be being told what to do by a 8 year old, reasoned with, braiding her long hair, rescueing her brother, and begging her dad to leave her at home. If the last 18 mos are a tiny piece of her life to come she is going to be extraordinary..................... This is Carly

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Haven't they grown......

It seems I want to blog on the weekends. The weekdays are reserved for homework time on the computer, not enjoyment. Friday night, we went to dinner for Vickie's birthday and then the family came over to our house for dessert. I made cream cheese brownies topped with rocky road ice cream and a little milk(Courtesy of the Iorgs!!!) Friday night was deja vu though.... It began with Cole and Carly both having temperatures, coughs, and runny noses. I gave them their drowsy cough medicine before bed and it was relatively painless. The kids were tucked in around 8:00 (Late night for Carly) I wasn't far behind. I woke up at 10:30 to Cole crying......I went in there and he was burning up. I gave him some tylenol to take his fever down, and he was just sobbing... To make a long story short I slept(attempted) in the recliner Friday nights to help Cole's nose to drain. I wish I had a bigger Indian basket he could sleep in!!! Saturday, morning Travis left at 4am to leave for Montana. Him and his dad and his uncle are taking our 5th wheel hunting along the way to Montana. They will pick us up at the airport on Friday November 17th when we fly into Great Falls!!! I miss him already, but he was soooo excited. He works so hard all summer, and this is something he looks forward to. I have two papers I have to write before we leave, and without another child to take care of!! I'll have more time to get ready for our trip. Have a great week everyone.............

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween????

Happy Halloween? I am not so sure about that, but anyway, Cole was a crocodile, and Carly was tinkerbell. I got home from school around 5:00 we put the kids costumes on them, and then we were off. We stopped at Travis's parents, McDonalds for dinner, Cole stated " Dad, we have to eat at Mcdonalds." We went to my sister Rachelle's to eat our dinner, last stop my Mom and Dads....... By the end of the night 7:00 I was worn out, and ready for bed. The kids had been with their dad all day, and frankly were not in the costume mood. I am going to keep the costumes out, and we will practice being a happy crocodile, and tinkerbell for next year. I think Carly is going to be rambo or bambam next year!!! It would just fit her tough little attitude!! They loved all the candy they got to eat............... I hope everyone else had a safe night.