Monday, July 31, 2006

Lyndsey's Wedding

Saturday July 29, 2006
Lyndsey and Travis have gotten married after being together for 8 years. It was a beautiful day, and one of the most emotional weddings I've ever been in. (Including my own!) I have concluded it was emotional because Lyndsey has grown into an amazing person, and through everything Travis has always been right beside her. Lyndsey's day was perfect! The reception was a blast. I saw a lot of people from high school, and I was happy that some were still alive, and others were doing very well. It was a beautiful day, and I am truly happy for my friends.

Another thought... Can you all believe that it is August? I am finishing up summer school this week, and have two weeks off before the fall semester! yeah... Carly and I are going to St. Louis to visit some family for 8 days. My mom, sisters, and grandma, are all going as well, and I am excited. I will post some pictures from our trip when I get back. I hope everyone is enjoying the last moments of their summer. Love Danielle

Monday, July 17, 2006

Family Reunion Memories

Family Reunions are so much fun! We met a lot of people I hadn't known before, and spent more quality time with some others. The reunion was at Vickie and John's and took place for three days. We ate some terrific food, and play a lot of games. Cole and Carly made some unforgettable memories. Cole got into his first fist fight (I mean with his fists, not toddler warfare) with his cousin who was a year older than him. I think he was trying to steal Cole's girlfriend Kaylen(She is in the golf cart with him.) Cole's girlfriend is 4 years older than him, and she stayed the night Saturday night. (I watched closely on my video monitor) After Pete's Dragon they were too tired for anything. Carly had a great time at the reunion being doted on by all her family. The Carmesin's don't have very many girls, that is baby's. There's boys everywhere, but Carly is the only girl. The reunion was a blast, and wanted to share some cute pics with all of you. Danielle

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Guilty Motherhood

(This is a sunset from Mexico, when we went on vacation in December.)

Do any of you ever feel really guilty when you take a nap in the middle of the day, surrounded by unfolded laundry? Do you feel guilty when a grandparent kidnaps your kids for a night of or two? Do you feel like you have to justify yourself for being in a grocery store alone? I DO! I tell myself that it is because I am a young mom, and feel like I am constantly under the eye of every other mother. My new vow is to not make excuses for why it's okay that my kids go to their grandmother's while I go to school or to work. This is the way my life is, and I am maintaining my sanity. This rambling goes out to each mom, who feels guilty in doing something for themself. Being a mother isn't supposed to punishment, it's supposed to be terrific! I just had to vent. Let me know if there are other guilty mothers. I AM NOT GUILTY ANYMORE.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Not always sweet

Don't we all wish this was the way life was.... I didn't have a brother to guide me in the
backyard, tackle me, tickle me, or say "Pretty T." I did have two sisters who did all those things
and more, like pull hair. I love being a mom and looking at my children amaze me. Last night the kids and I went to stay the night with Travis and John in our travel trailer up at Bald Hill. Carly ended up sleeping with Travis and I because I didn't want to set her playpen up. (Lazy) I paid for it with a finger up my nose at 5:00 in the morning. I made her pay me in kisses... sweet memories.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Here We Go.....

I've crossed over, and now I am a blogger!!!

Hello, Life is going by too fast. I know that is a generic remark but it's how I feel. Cole is officially potty trained!!! I have to credit his grandmothers because they pushed this reluctant mother into overdrive. With two kids it seems easier to let them just pee, and poop and deal with it in one shot. ( I know you are all thinking it) I have to admit that it's rough at first but then they start tell you themselves, and who can resist "pee pee mommy."

Do any of you lose track of how old your kids are? After 2 and on the second child age is a blur.....

There is only one word for Carly....SPUNKY! She isn't bratty (Not my daughter) but she is not the mellow, blend in, kind of second child. She lets you know she's alive, whether it be walking in circles, or sticking her tongue out at you.

Travis is still working out of town. The job is about 2 hours away, but when you work 12-13 hour days you are too exhausted to drive. He has our trailer at the job site, and his dad stays with him. I spent last night with him up there, and it is beautiful country. The kids and I are going to try to stay with him a couple nights a week, and swing a second session of summer school as well. We'll see.