Friday, December 26, 2008

Very Merry Christmas?

It is the day after Christmas and my house is a disaster and I have ZERO motivation to do anything besides read. I can't get myself out of my funk of laziness. I did accomplish a little today. I set up the kids new trampoline, moved all our stuff home from Vickies, and started some laundry.... That is about all I am going to get to today. Tomorrow we are heading to our friends house to visit with some friends who live out of town. The kids love playing with all their friends and I am sure they will terrorize the Pinard's house :) Christmas in a nutshell...

Monday: Carmesin's Christmas Progressive Dinner.

Tuesday: Roberson Christmas, Vickie's Side of the Family

Wednesday: McCullough Christmas, At Mom and Dads all day and night.

Thursday: Carmesin's Christmas, At John and Vickies' all day and night.

Friday: Where did the year go, a day for reflection.

How many of you have lacked motivation and kept wondering what was wrong with yourself? All you can think of is how much time you are wasting and how you are just going to have to do it all tomorrow. How do I enjoy doing nothing? Maybe I am not just doing nothing and I am just recharging? Who's to say.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another Lame One.....

The last couple of days my blog has been filled with posts about how great things are going. It's been a great couple of days:) God knows I have some pretty trying ones but I am going to count my blessings and record another a good day. Last night, Carly spent the night with my mom and Cole went to ice scream with Rachelle, they then drove around looking at Christmas lights. Travis went to sleep on the couch and I watched a couple episodes of House. Cole came home and he watched Parent Trap for the thousandth time. I finished a book and when Travis finally came to bed Cole joined us for the rest of the night. He thought it was special and his dad thought that his name should be Cole Kicks a lot ! This morning we went to church and when we came home I wrapped presents all day and Sis took the kids to Bolt. I am really into detailing everything I did, every moment......Sorry.

Menu for the Week:

Sunday: Prime Rib, Baked Potato, Salad, Cheese Bread

Monday: Prime Rib Sandwiches

Tuesday: Chili and Cornbread

Wednesday: Indian Tacos

Thursday: Flank Steak with Blue Cheese Butter, Salad, Garlic Bread

Friday: Every Adult for themselves

I am actually excited about cooking this week. I have a couple more things to pick up for Christmas, and to figure out for Christmas Dinners and then I'll be set. Merry Christmas Everyone !

Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy as a Clam

This is a picture of the steamer clams that Cole and Travis got yesterday. They needed to soak overnight and this morning when the kids and Travis went to check on them this is how they found the clams. I wanted to post about my fabulous day and the clams gave me the perfect title for my post. This morning Travis and I slept in until 8:00am and the kids did as well. I made breakfast, Travis went to work at my sisters house, I worked in my office, ran on my treadmill, took Carly to dance, made lunch for the kids, cleaned up my kitchen, did a load of laundry, went to my nail appt., post office, and then now I am home, blogging. Was that a lot of commas or what.... Tonight I am heading to Salyer to spend the night with my sister. A group of us are going to play some games have some cocktails and visit. There is nothing better than having close friends who you can trust and my sisters, my mom, vickie, travis, and a few others are the only ones I trust enough to tell more than what I ate for breakfast. Till next time:)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter Dreamland

Your probably thinking how all these pictures of my house are relevant to my post title of Winter Dreamland...... I have had a house cleaner on and off for the last 3-4 years. I have a new house cleaner who also cleans my mom's house and it is her fourth week cleaning my house. As many of you know I am often anal retentive about things and cleaning is one of those things. I was raised in a clean home and I was taught how to do a quality job not a rushed half crappy job....There is a point to this story, bear with me. Anyway my house cleaner does an awesome job while being thorough. When I walked into my house today after my house cleaner had been here I thought to myself my house looks like a Winter dreamland with all of my decorations and an ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY spotless house. It may seem weird that I took pictures of my dreamland but I wanted to document it because like every other household in America it will be dirty by bedtime, and who wants to take pictures of that!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Mac Attack

I am officially a certified MAC lover. I have already devoted an entire post to my MAC BOOK and my IMAC but now that I have a new IPHONE I am again reminded of my love for the software. I won't have to take my MAC book with me anymore while traveling just to download movies, listen to music, and etc. My phone can do it all. I had a Moto Q and it also had internet and email and it couldn't hold a candle to the speed and efficiency of AT&T wireless. Enough of my love of a phone:) I haven't blogged lately and will update with some pics of Thanksgiving and whats been going on, until then......

Thursday, November 20, 2008


If Carly's boots are Irrestible than Cole's Muck boots are very versatile. No they don't have any cute design but these rain boots are made for the boy and girl who trek through cow poop to go feed, daily. For the preschool who lives in rainy humboldt county and for a day when I can't find any other shoes. The inside of these boots are all neoprene and they suck to the contour of your feet. Yes, they are no ordinary rain boot there the versatile Muck boot!


Even if you aren't a cowgirl at heart like Carly you can still enjoy the adorableness (is that even a word?) of these pink and tan leather cowboy boots. As I am packing the kids clothes for a freezing vacation to visit my grandmother in Idaho I remembered that I had set these boots aside for Christmas. Well again, I think all gifts should be practical and Carly practically needs these boots for our vacation. I thought these boots were so cute that they need their own post :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

I know a lot of pictures but between me, Cole, and Carly my camera has been snappin a lot. My parents' and Clay and Rachelle were in Jamaica last week and they just got home yesterday. I missed them all. Last night, Travis and I's families got together to have an early Thanksgiving. We are all going to be gone during the holidays and we wanted to make sure that we had one dinner here. It was delicious and Vickie made a bunch of recipes from Williams-Sonoma. When Travis was sick at U.C.S.F. he had a couple good days so we went shopping. William-Sonoma inspired our Thanksgiving creations. Dinner last night was relaxing, and great because there was just the right amount of people and everyone liked eachother, imagine that:) Cole made dessert and he is posing by his creation which was fabulous. Well I am off to write my Christmas letter and I will be sending my Holiday cards pretty soon, be on the look out:)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Vickie turned 50 years old last year in 2007 and as a family we all went down to visit her twin brother Mickey. To make a long story short the drive was horrific, the trip too short, and not what any of us would want to do on our birthday. This year Heidi and I decided to do something special for Vickie's 51st birthday. A group of Vickie's closest girl friends got together in Redding and spent the weekend in my travel trailer. It was a blast. We stayed up late playing this game where everyone had to ask personal questions and it was insightful, fun, and we laughed until we cried. We drank a costco size bottle of Grey Goose and had too much fun. Saturday morning we all woke up and got ready to head to the Spa for the day. We had multiple treatments and relaxed. The spa we went to was called the Spa Downtown in Redding. You can google and there are pictures but this Spa met my stamp of approval very clean, professional, an awesome treatments. It made Personal choice spa looking even worse, if that is possible. Heidi and I decorated my trailer, did pedicures on people with hot foot baths, and I made each person their own spa package with bath and body works products. I love parties where they give great party favors. Friday night I made homemade Chicken Caesar Salad with fresh croutons. I also paired the meal with cheese Bread. Everyone loves this fatty bread. I will post the recipe below.

Vicki was very surprised and it was great to see her laughing and being with her girls. Thank you to everyone who came you made this wonderful woman feel appreciated:)

Cheese bread:

1 loaf of French Bread
2 spatula scoops of mayo
Pour cheddar cheese into the mayo until it is predominantly just cheese then mix. Spread onto bread. Sprinkle with green onions, and bake for about 20 mins at 375degrees.

You'll love it:)

Monday, November 10, 2008

5 years and lots of laundry!

On November 15th, Travis and I will be married for five years! The years have gone by quickly. I love him a lot each day and I reflect on the past years and I think of many smiles, laughs, tears, hugs, memories, snotty noses, parties, and etc. I am repulsed by bloggers who always post how perfect their hubbies are because maybe I am jealous or maybe I hate the lies. Marriage is hard but well worth the struggle. Travis is my best friend. He keeps me in line and vice a versa. One moment that I will share with everyone is how Travis supported my financially, emotionally, and physically through college. I remember the day we decided to get married and how he told my mom that it was very important to him that I finished school and he meant it. When I was trying to decide what I wanted and needed to do after college and the credential program Travis was right there next to me urging me to stay home/only work two jobs and to have some time to myself. I can't thank him enough for communicating when it is crucial and for being a wonderful husband and a dedicated dad.

p.s. I just got into an argument with him because he was telling a story and it took to long:) Back to reality.

Oh yeah, Travis bought me new HE LG Stackable washer and dryers yesterday for our 5 year anniversary. I chose the pearl gray color. He also built me a white storage cabinet to go in our laundry room. One thing about Travis is that he doesn't talk about doing things he actually does them. We got home with the washer and dryers, and storage cabinet at 5pm on Sunday and by 7pm I had a completely new laundry room. What a man:)

Monday, November 03, 2008

Must Read

"The Lucky One" is Nicholas Sparks newest fictional novel and it is TERRIFIC! I was depressed that I finished it so quickly. I read it in two days and no, I didn't lay around reading. One morning I couldn't sleep so I decided to read to fall back asleep, well needless to say I didn't go back to sleep at 3am. (That was a run-on sentence.) I don't know anyone who hasn't at least once in there life wanted to be a writer and storm the literary world just like j.k. rowlings(didn't spelling correct because I have never read her books:) The point is that Nicholas Sparks wrote one HECK of a novel. I am reading "Secrets of a Shoe Addict" by Beth Harbison as I type, No Mom and Vickie it isn't my memoirs....

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Civil Servants.

This year both Cole and Carly chose to dress up as our under-represented civil servants. We went trick-or-treating for the first time this year in a neighborhood, grace park. They walked door to door and we followed. We decided that this year we would forego all the driving to a million places and just do one place and it was very calm.

My mom dressed up like a pirateer and Cole and Carly we trying to spray her with their fire hoses, arrest her, wrestler her, and a lot of other things. She was hilarious:)

Friday, October 31, 2008


Travis is making great progress. He isn't limping noticeably and seems to be feeling much better. I hate peppering him with questions so I just observe him to make sure he's feeling okay. He does come in the house and lay down which is a sign that he isn't 100% but that is to be expected. Overall, he has had a great recovery since being at home. Cole has an Yamaha 80 four-wheeler and he uses a lot. I love that he has it and can start it by himself because he is always willing to run errands for me to Vickie's house. He had a basket on it but this week him and his dad built a box for the back of it. It's the right size for Carly to ride on the back and for him to haul things such as generators:)(I just saw him take one over to Vickie's house why I mentioned it.) Carly has a battery powered four-wheeler but those things are just not the same. She has been driving Cole's around a lot more and I am getting more comfortable with her on it. She also rode her cousin Clint's 50 motorcycle that has training wheels and she loved that. I think she is ready for her own set of wheels.... I would rather get her a 50 four-wheeler because I think it would be more practical for our family but she did love the motorcycle. We'll see what Santa can bring in his big red bag. Since Christmas is coming and I love to buy gifts I can't wait. I am worse then the kids.

It always amazes me at how many people don't believe in Christ or think that those who go to church are hypocrites but at the same time celebrate Christmas, Easter, and many other religious holidays, who's the hypocrite? I think that society has secularized so many holidays that they feel like it's okay to not celebrate Jesus but one time of year. I respect those that don't participate in Christmas because if you have a bad attitude don't bring everyone else into your drama... If your asking yourself "is that me?" Maybe it is :)

Christmas Ideas for the kids:

Cole and Carly
New Playset
New Playhouse/fort
New Cowboy boots, muck boots(rain boots)
College fund contributions with American Funds
Coloring Books
Motorcycle or four-wheeler for Carly. Cole got one for his birthday and I believe in equality.
Some type of animal :0 For grandma to take care of..Love ya Vickie

This is just some thoughts I am having. No they won't get everything on this list but I am just brainstorming. I am not one of those people who don't know what to buy. I am also not going to buy them a bunch of toys, videos, pajamas, and misc. knick knacks. They get so much of that stuff all year. They are also not that into it. No clothes except boots and maybe some camo stuff but who knows and who really cares. Back to reason for the season is it all about gifts? What gift are we as a family going to give to Jesus? Can we afford time? Here I am blogging out loud again. Till Next time.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Family Photos

I just checked our photographers website and they had uploaded our family photo to their main page.

Deja Vu'

The title of this post is Deja Vu' because that summarizes Travis' latest stint at U.C.S.F. We drove down to the city on Wednesday and arrived in time to unpack our luggage, and then catch a cab to one of our favorite restaurants in the city, Scomas. I wanted to eat somewhere that Travis enjoys because he couldn't eat before his surgery at 9:30 Thursday morning so his last meal needed to be a good one. Needless to say he was extremely edging all day and he didn't sleep very well Wednesday night...

Thursday morning we trudged up to the hospital and we weren't exactly sure on the time so we had to wait about an hour and a half which is a long time when you are really nervous. To make a long story short Travis' embolization of a benign tumor on his kidney was "sucessful." In January during his first embolization his tumor was 10cm wide and prior to this recent embolization the tumor was 4cm wide. The doctors are perplexed to why the tumor causes Travis so much pain so the plan is to try and shrink the tumor to 1cm. He has a follow-up CAT scan in 2months to assess the tumor. I pray that the CAT scan shows that God has completely removed the tumor.... Keep us in your prayers. I don't know if Travis could handle another embolization.

After the surgery we were admitted into the hospital which is unusual but due to our last embolization they knew that he needed to be observed and his pain needed to be managed. We spent three nights and four days at the hospital and we made the long drive home, yesterday. Travis also had the hiccups for approximately 40 hours. Yes, 40 hours of hiccups that were gut wrenching and the doctors were mystified. They finally decided to try treating the hiccups and they became less frequent. It was very weird and also hard to see him hiccup so hard and then have them keep coming. The hiccups were a large part of his pain because of where his pain is located, the right flank. Enough about Travis' pain because I am starting to hurt:)

I know that I often use the blog as an avenue to vent my frustration but this post is dedicated to Vickie, John, Dena, Macky, Rachelle, Clay, Janelle, Mikey, Heidi, Chuck and Mary. Each one of them helped take care of our family during a stressful situation by loving our children. While Travis, Vickie and I were in S.F. Cole and Carly were in a wedding...I know crazy huh! My sisters and my brother-in-laws helped take and pick up the kids from school, feed them and gave them lots of love and attention while we were gone. John took the kids to Redding for the wedding that they were in and Heidi drove 4hours to make sure the kids were taken to all the wedding appts. and spent quality time. My parents attended the wedding and then brought Carly home with them because she isn't feeling well. Chuck and Mary opened their home to my children just as they would their own grandchildren and Travis and I are very thankful. As a parent it is hard to take care of yourself when you worry so much about your kids but everyone who helped are people who I know not only care about Cole and Carly but love them, and I thank God that we have each any everyone of you in our lives.

For everyone who has left us messages, and sent us cards, THANK YOU. I am always amazed at how you know who your "real" friends and FAMILY are when you are having a difficult time. The people who call because the care.

Thank you.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mommy Weekend

This past weekend Travis took Cole and Carly hunting in Trinity Center. They went with some family and stayed at a family friends cabin for two nights. I decided to stay home and have some time to myself. On Saturday my mom and I went to Personal Choice for a Spa day. I had a facial, massage, and hydotherapy tub.... It was amazing. We went and had lunch afterward at Mazzoti's, which is the worst Italian restaurant ever, but the only thing open right before dinner time. Their food is very blah, and doesn't have any invigorating Italian flavor. I often think that I should be a Spa Critic. I have been to Spas in Healdsburg, Calistoga, Napa, St.Helena, Eureka, Fortuna, Redding, Mexico, and other various places. I know what I like and Personal choice is lacking some spa essentials such as a relaxation room, lockers where you change into robes, slippers, drink lemon water, tea, showers, and so on. Anyway I don't mean to be a Spa snob but maybe I am...

After I came home and watered my plants, fed our dog, and read for a little bit, I took a shower, got dressed, and was ready for an evening with a few of my favorite people. My sisters, Lyndsey, and I went to dinner at the Sea Grill and had a very good time. We visited, laughed, and had some delicous cocktails. We were all stuffed as we headed off to watch Body of Lies/Movie. It was GREAT. I love politics, history, and hot actors and this film had it all. It would also be a great film to use in my future film classes. A must have. Rachelle and Clay ended up spending the night with me.

Sunday, I slept in, drank coffee, internet shopped, cleaned my office, went to church, lunch, and worked in the office. I am only going to be at work on Monday and Tuesday so I have a lot to take care before Travis's Surgery on Thursday. After work I did my grocery shopping, went home, relaxed, read, and went to bed early.

Today I have to work, pack the kids clothes, run errands, and so on. On another note I am working on a post that is going to address gossip, and the issue that comes up all the time is people who are always talking about others and jealousy....(just an irritating observation). On Sunday our pastor said that the second most important thing that Jesus said was to love your neighbor as yourself and I am really trying to take that to heart....hum? neighbors, people, how do I show, act, live like I care about others as much as I care about myself? The hardest part is doing those things when there are those who I feel don't deserve it, don't love themselves, have diarrhea of the mouth, are jealous, and so on. WELL IT ISN'T MY JOB TO JUDGE....... I guess that is where prayer comes into play... Keep my family in your prayers this week as Travis has surgery on Thursday morning.

Random Moments

Janelle and Mikey were over at my house on Friday and Tasha and Craig's kids came over to play. Needless to say Cole and Carly love the White kids and were excited they came over.... The previous Friday consisted of Jake, Lex, Cole, and Carly all outside in the field trying to rope, ride and wrestle the kids' sheep, Eddie. It was comical. This Friday night consisted of a rodeo in the house with a bucking bull, and a 4ft horse. It's amazing what a little imagination can create. Makynna and Carly took a bath and then traveled to the "movie theatre" to watch a princess movie. They were entranced and very adorable. Bailee was wanting to nurse on my mom:) so we had her in Cole's baby basket and she was BEAUTIFUL.