Thursday, November 15, 2007

4 Years......

November 15, 2003
Today is Travis and I's anniversary. I can't believe we are beginning our fifth year of marriage. The time is went quick and has been sped along by two births, a new house, new jobs, and school. I love my husband very much. He is someone who challenges me daily but also renews me when I need it the most. He is a great partner, sounding board, and friend. I am enoying this time of year a lot because he is home from work and is able to help out and parent a lot. Yesterday he mowed our lawn (which isn't easy or quick), cleaned out his shed (while building custom horse shoe hooks), took Cole to and from school, watched Carly, hung a picture in our room, cleaned our garage, put stuff into the attic, and made spaghetti for dinner. I was impressed and extremely thankful. My husband is very motivated and is not a big talker but a big doer! If he says he's going to do something he does it and he does it all quick. For all those who know me I don't like it when stuff is not finished and that is where Travis and I agree we finish tasks completely. My husband is not perfect and neither am I but we made a choice to be together, and we will and do make it work. Travis, I love you. (Who knows if he'll ever even see this post.) Danielle

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Okay, so me and blogger don't always get along. That is why you will see plenty of separate picture posts below this one because I have to publish multiple times to get my pics to upload. Life is fine right now and will be even better when Thanksgiving break is upon us. I have four more weeks until our trip to Mexico and I am exstactic. I don't think that is spelled right. Halloween was okay being as I can't stand the rush of the day, dinner, and all the places we have to be. I personally think the day is overrated. "To each their own." Well, Cole was a pirate, and Carly a jester. Carly was a much better jester than a fairy and played the role brillantly. I am a little surprised that Cole wanted to be a pirate for as long as he did and loved being the captain. Overall, a great costume year. By far the best part of the evening was when we went to my in laws and they were a tourist and a pirate. Complete surprise and they were fantastic. I hope everyone is super and we'll see you all soon.

A little Late...