Monday, December 18, 2006

Cole Wesley Carmesin

A couple months back I did an exclusive blog on Carly and I thought it was time to have everyone get to know Cole. Cole was born May 21, 2004 after a very long delivery. Bare with me because I feel to know Cole you have to hear how he was born. Everyone knows how hard your first labor is. You don't know when you're going to go into labor, or what everything is going to be like....except everyone has told you it's painful. Okay, so May 20th I drove to Fortuna to clean my parents' house. I remember driving by Harper Motors on HWY 101 thinking I didn't feel that well. Okay, so later in the afternoon my mom comes home from school and asks "how are you feeling" I say okay, but nausea's. She immediately makes me sit down and pretty soon I don't feel good like every 5 minutes. So to make a long story short I was in labor and did't really know it. Well that was the last time I was going to feel semi-normal. I went to the hospital and pretty soon I was sure I was DYEING!!!!!!!! Well I was in labor for 26 hours pushed for 3 hours and had to have an emergency c-section. Some will say "I am sorry you had to have a c-section." but don't be sorry. It was great!!! After, being exhausted, and having to wait 30 minutes for the surgery team which was the hardest part of the whole labor. (Side note) The 30 minutes it took for the surgery team to prep was so painful because I had no drugs and couldn't push. I finally couldn't take it anymore and started screaming "GIVING ME SOME MEDICINE, AND WHERE IS THE DOCTOR." Needless to say, he came running down the hall with a needle in his hand. While he was running I could hear him saying "I'm coming" EPIDURALS ROCK! Once I was refueled I knew I was going to see my baby any minute.

After 10-15 minutes in Surgery Cole Wesley Carmesin was born, and I was the happiest mother on earth (the morphine helped) I was stitched up and off to recovery. Cole was born surrounded by his entire family, and "God willing" he won't know life without them. What does his birth have to do with who he is know? Well, Cole has this ability to look at you and make you melt. His eyes are his weopons and he looks at you and cocks his head to the side and grins. He thinks life is about excavators, shotguns, hunting channel, baking pies with his grandma's, and McDonalds. Everytime he gets in his carseat he says "I'm getting in my excavator" and he can spot the McDonalds arch from a mile away. He had to grow up fast because he sister came along 11 months after he was born, but he has been one of the true ultimate joys in my life. I love him more everyday. This is Cole Wesley Carmesin.................

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Getting closer to be sane again......

Hello Everyone, I have been overwhelmed with finals at school and preparing for the Holiday season. Tonight, I have my last final at 5:00. It is only a 5 minute presentation and is pretty easy. Last week I couldn't focus on anything except papers, study groups, and sccchhoolll. I need these next few weeks to be as low key as possible. I will probably gain 10 pounds because all I want to do is make cookies with Cole and Carly in our pajamas, eat fried potatoes, make cinnamon rolls, and drink milkshakes from McDonalds. HA!

I was feeling overwhelmed with Christmas this year, because it took me longer to get my cards out, and I don't have all my shopping done. I plan on finishing this week and I will only have a couple more things to wrap. I can' t wait for Christmas Eve. I will tell everyone what our Christmas schedule is any of you care, I know.HA!
Christmas Eve we will go to my parents' house and have prime rib and all the trimmings. We exchange gifts with my parent's and my sisters. Travis's parents, sister, and grandparents also come to Christmas Eve, and it is a lot of fun. I love having my in-laws come as well because it seems like a really intimate Christmas. Christmas Morning we have the kids open their presents and Travis and I exchange gifts. We then head to 10:00 brunch in Salyer with my family. We always have delicious food and get to visit until we head back to McKinleyville. Between 2:00 and 5:00 we exchange gifts with Travis's parents' and his sister. It is mellow, and then the Carmesin clan shows up around 5:00. I don't envision naps for the kids besides the car ride from Salyer to Mckinleyville, but it's Christmas and we are on Jesus's time not Danielle's time!!!! Anyone that knows me, knows that I am like a little kid on Christmas. I can't wait to get up and watch the kids open their presents and I know this is clique but I love giving. I love picking out that one gift that makes someone happy. I am glad I married someone who know matter what the holiday he always walks around saying "happy week before Christmas" We are a pair.