Thursday, June 28, 2007


Okay so I am so exhausted I am not even sure I spelled crazyness right!ha. Summer school started on Monday and frankly I have been working my arse off. Literally. I started weight watchers on Monday as well and frankly dieting and creating lesson plans at 4:00am is not the best on your sleep life. Okay enough whining. Thank God for Grandparents because my mom had Carly this week at the lake and Vickie shuttled Cole between her house and preschool. It has made my first week teaching a little more bearable.

So about summer school....The kids are wonderful the subjects are my favorite, world history, world geography and the best U.S. history!!! The prep time I spend preparing for each day is out of this world. I have 16 students from 8-12:30 and must cover one semester in three weeks. They seem to like my teaching style and of course they would say something if they didn't. Overall, college was smooth sailing compared to the real world. I long for my days working at the bank at a desk dealing with crazy customers. I wouldn't go back but hell it was easy.

Next post won't be so tiring............

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Much Needed Update

Okay, so I need to give everyone an update... This past Saturday I threw a bridal shower along with the other bridesmaids for my longtime friend Monica Johnson. Monica is marrying Jeff Brock on Saturday July 14th. Cole and I are both in the wedding. The show was a smashing success and was easier than most others because we had it catered. I love the caterer she does a coffee bar along with lemonade and makes wonderful salads. We had other things but these are my favorite.

In family news my mom is going to be the next Superintendent of McKinleyville Union School District. For the past 8 years she has been Supt/Principal of two schools in Fortuna and has commuted daily. Her new posistion will be five minutes from her house and just a Superintendent posisition. I am excited, thrilled, and ecstatic to have her closer. I subbed at her school numerous times last month and her workload is overwhelming. She is a model to women all over the county!!! She will be responsible for Dows Prairie, Morris, and McKinleyville Middle. YEAH!!!

Connor is doing well, and I know I need to post some pics of my own children but just haven't lately. Connor is nursing excellent and is on his babywise schedule. My sister is an awesome mother and is very relaxed especially for her first child. This weekend we are going to the lake and it should be interesting. My parents are going to have their trailer but it is the first time I am going without my fifth-wheel and I have to tent camp. I will be roughing it. Oh well, I am getting ready to teach summer school on Monday and I am fine tuning my lesson plans. I am teaching world history, world geography, u.s. history, govt/econ. Wish Me Luck!!! I will update you all later once I've started. Bye

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Okay, so Travis and I have been working around the yard this spring and we have done little things that are finally starting grow. I love my yard and I love to work in it. I get all giddy when I come up with a new idea and I get even more excited about ripping something out that didn't turn out how I wanted it to, to put something better in it's place. I don't think landscaping has to be perfect, but I think you absolutely have to love it or your're miserable. We have a big yard and when I am having a hard time falling asleep I just think of what I would like to do differently in my yard. A couple of weeks ago I had subbed all day and I was worn out. It was a sunny afternoon and I just weeded the strawberry patches. I felt so much better and I was thrilled that I had been outside. I had put together a garden cart from costco and the kids made a house out of it. I ordered pizza and we had dinner in the driveway. Gardening just makes me relax!!! One of the pictures is of our dog kennel(castle)!ha. It needs a roof, but it can wait. I have been slowing adding plants to the outside of it, and it is really turning out nice. I think my projects will be put on hold for the summer besides one or two spur of the moment projects. I am really into brick right now and would love to make a new spot for our bbq possibly and outdoor kitchen...later. Anyways, I just wanted to post some pics of my roses, strawberries, playground, and oh yeah the dog kennel.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Connor, Connor, and more Connor

These are some more recent pics of Connor to illustrate how beautiful he is!!!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Busy as Ever....

Okay, I know I need to take more pictures of my new nephew but he is always eating and sleeping. He is beautiful and those top pictures are of him taking a bath in the sink. Janelle and Mikey went to a movie tonight and my mom and I were and are on Connor duty. It is so nice to finally beable to repair my sister and brother-in-law for all those times and there will be more that they watch Cole and Carly. He is currently sleeping and content.

I thought that once school was done I would have sometime to clean my office and have a yard sale but oh no. Ever since HSU has been out I have been subbing and working in my parents' office. I am trying to get my graduation thank you cards out, and stay on top of bills and etc. People have always told me that life after school is the busiest but I didn't believe them..

More good news to keep me busy...Tonight when I got home there was a message from the summer school principal for Northern Humboldt School District that said he wanted to hire me to teach his history classes! I applied for the job in April but I hadn't heard anything so I figured they hired someone else. I really want a break but teaching these courses is the experience I need and will be incredible hands on application. I will take the job but I need to clean my office!!!!! Okay well the last pictures are of Cole playing outside with Carly but none of the ones with Carly were hot so Cole stole the show. Carly was looking for bugs with her head stuck in the ground. Have a wonderful weekend.