Friday, June 13, 2008

Last Day!!!!!

Today is the last day of school at Sunny Brae Middle School. Everyone knows how happy I am to be finished with this year. I feel like summer has begun because I have been now getting up early in the morning to watch episodes of "Lipstick Jungle." It is a new series that piloted this past spring and I didn't have a chance to watch it. I read the novel that it is based off of by Candace Bushnell and LOVED IT! If anyone has anytime it is definitely a show worth watching. Google Lipstick Jungle and it will take you to the shows NBC site. If you get there make sure to choose episodes not chapters. Chapters are within episodes. (Something I figured out:)

I have to attend my school's graduation tonight, and tomorrow is Rachelle's bridal shower. My mother is amazing. She is having the event decorated, catered, and the only we have to do is clean up! (She may have something planned for that, though:) Now that my life/career is finally able to begin I have been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish in the next couple of years. I have been milling over writing somethings. I have two lesson plans that I want to try and get published. I also want to write a biography about my mom....sshhshshs. She would be modest and say why? But everyone who knows her can understand why! I know one thing, and that is anything is possible!

On the home front I have a list of things I want to accomplish this summer while I am only working part-time. Below is a prioritzed list of my summer to dos!


Make my kids real pancakes, not microwavable.
Take them to the beach
Take them to the waterslides
Let them sleep in past 6:00am, because I don't have to have them at Preschool when it works for me. I will take them when it works for them!
Lastly, I don't want to keep going otherwise if I don't accomplish them all I'll be mad!hahaha


1. Finish putting Rock on my bender board project. Pics will come, I promise.
2. Read 3 Pedagogy (Teaching Theory) books, that I have been wanting to read. I am 1/2 way done with number one.
3. Create a community building file that I can have for my classroom. This is a file with hundreds of ideas on how to create a safe classroom community.
4. Clean out my attic, Have a yard sale? Probably, I'll just donate to goodwill.
5. Teach a College of the Redwoods course for Upward Bound!

I think making lists are important and having goals. Where are you going?

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hi Everyone!
I am currently in my last credential class!!!! It is Saturday and beautiful outside but I am here in a room, that will eventually end. Enough of that! The pictures below are from our Memorial Weekend. We branded and marked (cut off the balls) of our new calves. We had a lot of help from our family, and close friends. Thank you! Cole and Carly were both in the corral with about 20 calves and they were each trying to rope them. It was precious.

I know that I told everyone that I would be taking the year off next year but some things have changed. I have accepted a position teaching Upward Bound at College of the Redwoods this summer. It is only a four week program and the class is only one hour a day. I submitted a course proposal for a course titled "Hollywood and History." This course is where students learn how to analyze and view film critically. Why are films made, how violent films are, AND HOW WE ARE MANIPULATED as viewers. It is a great class! The films we're watching are Amistad, Kite Runner, and Charlie Wilson's War. If you can't tell I am on a Middle Eastern Kick. I won't tell you more....

Cole and Carly are doing well and today they are in the Azalea parade with Aunt Sis. Wish I could be there! Last day of school is Friday! Have a wonderful week, make sure to take time for yourself! I defiantly will thinking about it:)

Friday, June 06, 2008