Monday, September 25, 2006

Great Mornings

Hello Everyone, I wanted to say Hi to everyone and update everyone on how the Crazy Carmesins are doing. Cole is getting too big. I know I will be saying that for the rest of his and my lives but it is true. He will entertain himself completely, and he speaks in complete sentences. He never ceases to amaze me. Carly is STUBBORN...........She made up her mind from day one to be a great sleeper, and she decided that she would make me pay in other ways. She refuses to come to her name. She will just plop down wherever she is at and make you come to her. We are working on that through time outs and occasional swats. The swats don't phase her! Uh.... Well, on a sweeter note, she is really into random hugs and patting the back of who ever she is hugging. She is saying all kinds of words, and is going to be taller, and tougher than her brother. Travis was gone last week working out of town in Brookings, and he is also gone this week. He has been working on the weekends as well. We are trying to save extra money for the winter time. I am trucking along through school. This Monday began better than previous Mondays but, I'll be happy when winter time rolls around because I won't have so much office work on top of school. I keep telling myself "if I get through this week" then the next week rolls around. I can't wait to go to work instead of school, and you can quote me on that. Till my next post. Danielle

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Cole was 18 mos when one day he miraculous walked out of his room, when I had laid him down in his crib. I put him back in the crib and watched him on my video monitor, shimmy down the front of the crib. My battle began..... I finally resorted to a toddler bed within the next couple months of his unsafe landings. The toddler bed transistion was hard because he wasn't mature enough to handle his new found freedom. I looked up what other parents were doing on babycenter, and everyone was talking about a "crib tent." It wasn't much use to me, since I had already dismantled the crib. I swore with my second child I would use one of those crib thingys vs. a toddler bed too early. Carly has taken longer to do things than Cole up until last week. She is only 16 mos and she began crawling out of her crib!!!! I know, whyyyyyyyyyy.... I had already purchased the infamous crib tent, so I said "I don't think so" The moral of this story is that the crib tent is incredible, and I won't have to put Carly into a toddler bed, until she can handle the freedom.

Travis and Cole went hunting this last weekend. I had CSET testing on Saturday, and have so much homework I can't possibly go away for the weekend. Cole was so exited to go. He had his binocular pouch on, and his "fake" pistol in his pants (The top, waist) and he wouldn't let his Grandma, or his dad out of his sight. He would inform everyone, that "I'm going huntin" He was adorable. Below are pictures of him with Susie the Bear, and His Grandpa John, Dad, and Great Papa John. AND IT STARTS............
Click on this link to see the pictures, it wouldn't let me post the images.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Maybe we have it backwards....

After bath time, I told Cole to go put his seat on the potty, and to go "poop." Every night when I lay him in bed he tells me that he has to poop. I just began the night with the potty. Anyway, while I was putting Carly in her PJ's I went in to make sure there wasn't a roll of toilet paper in the bathtub....or etc. Low and behold Cole skipped the potty seat appartatus, and straddled the toilet BACKWARDS! It was so cute I had to capture the moment. I am still laughing.... Good Night.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day

I hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend. I had a GREAT time! Friday night Travis and I loaded up the kids and headed to Redding. We stopped in Willow Creek and had dinner at my favorite spot, Cinnabar Sams. We didn't get to Redding till late, and the kids were pooped. Saturday morning Travis went Dove hunting, and the kids and I lounged around Dale's house by his pool. In the afternoon, we went shopping at the Outlets, and then off to dinner. Sunday, Travis and the kids made our rounds visiting family and friends, and in the afternoon we went to the waterslides! Travis, Me, Vickie, John, Heidi,Tote, Jillian,Cole, & Carly all went. The funniest(Well not really funny) happened just before we got there. A kid pooped in the kiddy section. They chlorined and cleaned the pool, but we had to wait an hour. That is the risk you take at a public pool. Monday we left Redding at 7:30am and headed for Medford. HWY299 was closed or shut down for a long wait due to a fire. I love Medford, and the drive is different. We shopped in Medford for a couple hours, and we were off headed for the fog. Overall, we all enjoyed 3 days of being together. I can't wait to hear what everyone else did, or what they didn't do!