Saturday, March 14, 2009

I LOVE........

Sleeping on Saturday Afternoons.

Cuddling with Carly while it's raining outside and we're watching a movie.

Spending the day with one of my best friends, Monica. She spent the night last night after Sister's night and she ended up having breakfast with us and we watched Changeling, and Australia all the while, SLEEPING.

Carly, was SUPER FABULOUS today. She hung out with Monica and I and didn't need to be entertained. She cuddled with us both and she loved Australia, the movie. She never once woke me up:)

I have come to the conclusion that waking up at 4 a.m. each morning can cause for a Saturday of Slumber and frankly I am fine with it. I pity those who called me while I was sleeping because I was a little bit grumpy. Tomorrow is Sunday and I am less than ecstatic because it means the start of another week. But, Monica and I leave for D.C. is about one month! More to come

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Posted Lately?

As my Aunt reminded me today, I need to post. Lately, our family has been up to the same old busyness! Cole is sprouting like my lawn. He is wearing a size 13 tennis shoe. I remember when I wore a size 13, last week:) Carly is well Carly, meaning one minute she is talking to "Crystal" and her husband on her cell phone (p.s. we don't know anyone named Crystal) and the next she is hunting geese with her brother in the bath tub. They are both going to school three days a week and I don't know how Cole is going to handle five days of Kindergarten. He would much rather sleep in and play in the dirt at his Grandma's house. Cole will be done with pre-school in June as we don't want him to have to go from pre-school into Kindergarten. I think Carly will do well without her brother but we'll soon find out.

Travis recently went Coyote Hunting for a week and I think he had a hard time coming home.... Boys will be boys. I don't know why but this winter but I keep dreading Travis going back to work in the summer. He's been so helpful! I hate that I think that because frankly he's doing what every parent should do which is take the kids to school, make dinner, switch laundry, and so on. When Dad's do it "We Moms are so thankful" This Mom is thankful but I also expect it. Enough of that:)

I am still substitute teaching for the McKInleyville School District, Managing The Construction Company, Serving on the Chamber of Commerce's Board, and writing articles for the McKinleyville Press. Tonight I feel great because I spent two hours organzing my desk. By the end of tomorrow it will be a mess. Oh yeah, I teach the Native American Club at Dows Prairie on Mondays:) Besides work I have managed to find some time to go to the gym with my sister. Yes it is at 5am, well it's the only time I have. On that note I have to go to bed.......