Friday, January 19, 2007

Thursday Nights

Yesterday, was a very long day....... Wednesday night my Babywise child was up all night!!!!!! How can that be.HA. We spent the night in Willow Creek at my parents' house because Travis was working up there, and Carly woke up crying every hour. She is going through a phase where she is scared of the dark and I think that contributed to her tantrums. Anyway, at about 6:00 on Thursday, I was feeling a mommy meltdown coming. How can that be since I was at school most of the day and I had just picked the kids up at 4:30? I told myself, "Danielle, it's close to 7:30" After baths and books those little rascals were off to bed. Times like yesterday are always good birthcontrol.HA. I finally sat down on the couch and realized my angry mood was from exhaustion and I thought back to my pre-babywise days or sleep days for that matter and remembered why they say "A tired mom is not a good mom" I know everyone is thinking I'm always tired, does that mean I am not a good mom? No, it means that we need rest, and it's vital to being able to withstand mommy meltdowns! Well, there is my random thoughts. The real reason for this post was that I can make it through Thursdays because Friday is next and because of GREY'S ANATOMY!!!!!

Last nights episode of Grey's was an emotional one. George's dad died and everyone felt the effects of it. It was a tear jerker. What is going on with Christina and Dr. Burke? Did anyone else feel that when she finally heard him tell Dr. Shepard he hadn't had anymore tremors, that he had won? Well, I love that show, and can't wait for Prison Break on Monday and Survivor soon...

Monday, January 15, 2007

Mommy Weekend

So this is what happens when Mom is away. I noticed my camera in a different spot when I got home this weekend and I checked the pics out, and this is what I found..... I can't complain because the kids were clean, the house was tidy, and I didn't receive any emergency phone calls while I was away.

My Mom and I left Friday night and stayed at Benbow Inn. It was both our first times there and it was a blast. Saturday morning we got up and headed to healdsburg. We shopped, went wine tasting, and relaxed. Sunday morning we each had spa treatments at our AWESOME hotel (hotel healdsburg) The beds were too die for! After our treatments we relaxed soaking up our hotel room and then we headed to Santa Rosa to finish our shopping. We got home around 7:00 and the kids had just had baths and were VERY excited to see Mommy. I am well rested and relaxed and I am ready for School tomorrow. I had a blast, and if anyone has been to any great spa's in California let me know. We have another girl's weekend in February!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I always have a hard time thinking of what to title my posts.. Anyway, today is Thursday and I stayed home with the kids today. I worked only two days this week and soaked up my children the rest of the time. I thinking working a couple days a week is great. It gives me time to run errands, have some adult time, and really enjoy my days home. I've stayed busy with naps, vet appointments, keeping the house clean, and making dinner. I vowed this week to enjoy being at home because school starts next week. I have a few more things to do to finish my credential application and that is what I need to get done before Feb. 1st.

Travis came home on Tuesday and said that he thought I should call some of my friends up and see if they wanted to get away for the weekend? He thought since this was the weekend before I went back to school that I should enjoy it and have some alone time. At first I was like, I don't want to go anywhere, and then after I talked to my mom I SEIZED THE OPPORTUNITY. Needless to say... Mom and me are going to Benbow on Friday night because she has a gift certificate, and then Saturday we are off to Cloverdale to a bed and breakfast/Spa and maybe some wine tasting. Sunday we're going to do some shopping and come home in the afternoon. I AM EXCITED.... My husband is great, and I need to remember these moments when he wants to go...oh say...HUNTING!!! I'll report how our weekend was when I get back...

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Okay, so I lied.... I said that since school was over I would be able to blog a lot more frequently and I have blogged a lot less. Our holidays were busy and I can't emphasize how much I have enjoyed being off of school. I have one more week of normalcy and I am going to soak it up. I had a great Christmas and so did the kids. Travis made me an adorable coffee mug with pictures of the whole family. He was very excited about it and I loved it. I also got a new computer, it is an apple and I am having difficulty putting pictures on my blog. Cole got a backhoe for Christmas and Carly got her own kitchen. They really enjoyed opening their presents and Cole said he was happy that it was Jesus's birthday.

After Christmas we went to Lone Pine for 4 days and rode 4-wheelers and Cole and Travis went Pig hunting. They had a great time and I had fun as well. The kids are growing up and getting easier. Note. I said easier not easy! ha.

I got to visit with Lindsey and Izzy on Friday and that was a special treat. I miss Linds a lot. In high school I remember laying on our beds and daydreaming about everything. Linds is doing just what she's always wanted to do, leading an exotic life. (I consider exotic, anything outside McKinleyville...ha.) Love ya Linds.