Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Repeatedly Random

I don't really have anything new to blog about. Basically, I am still swamped, the kids are doing great, and I don't know why I am procrastinating completing Cole's Kindergarten application. Who knows. Here's some funny pics to look at.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I should be doing something productive:)

I have never done one of these questionnaires and I stole it off Natalie's blog.

1.Wheres your phone? Next To Me

2.Wheres your significant other? Coyote Hunting

3.hair color? Dark Brown

4.Your mother? Driven

5.Your father? Caring

6.Favorite thing? Reading

7. Dream last night? Can't Remember

8. Dream or goal? Lose Weight

9. Your hobby? Volunteering

10.Your fear? Children being taken/kidnapped

11.Where do you want to be in 6 yrs? Right Here:)

12.what your not? Lazy

13. One wish-list item? New Patio Furniture

14. last thing I ate? Chinese Food

15.what are you wearing? P.J's

16.Your pet? Tippy

17. your mood? Relaxed

18.something your not wearing? Bra

19.Fav store? The Loft

20 Fav color? House: Brown & Green Clothes: Black & Pink

21. whens the last time you laughed? At Carly

22. The last time you cried? Two weeks ago from exhaustion.

23. Something you crave? Orange Sherbet

24. why you blog? Therapeutic

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pony Express is Back!

Thank you for voting!

It's official the polls are closed and the votes are counted. The Community wants the annual McKinleyville festival to return to it's roots and be called Pony Express Days! The board collected community input in a number of ways and 75% of those who shared their perspective were in favor of the name change. 25% of community members wanted to keep the name Azalea Festival. The board is thankful for all input and we want to encourage all community help with the event. Last night Shannon Maciel held the first Pony Express committee meeting and it was great to have so many supporters there. This years event is going to be filled with many different organizations collaborating for a common event. We can use any and all support. Contact Shannon Maciel smaciel@novb.com

Wednesday, February 04, 2009