Tuesday, August 28, 2007


These past couple of weeks have been long weeks. Two of my great-grandmothers passed away this last week. My mothers grandmother passed away on Monday August 20, 2007 and my dad's grandmother passed away on Thursday August 23, 2007. The picture with my sisters, mom, and carly is with my great-grandma who lived in Missouri. We went and visited her last August and I am glad I have a fresh memory of her. I was able to see my great-grandmother Delphine on Sunday and she is pictured with Cole and Carly. We had a barbeque for her since she wasn't feeling well. Her funeral was yesterday and it was extremely emotional. I grew up on the ranch that she and my great-grandfather worked very hard to keep in our family. Today we run our cattle there as well. Death isn't something I look forward to I dread the thoughts and emotions it brings forth but I know that both of my grandmothers loved Jesus wholeheartedly and are in heaven. I love and miss you.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Two weekends ago Vicki, Heidi and I took the kids to the waterslides. I can't say enough about the waterslides because the kids tromp around the kiddie pool while I soaked up some rays. I did manage to read periodically between keeping one eye on my children at all times. The weather was perfect and the kids swam and swam. We took Vicki's trailer over to Redding and stayed in a very nice trailer park right next to the slides. The park is awesome. It has a pool, and is beyond clean. We took the kids to chuck-e-cheese one night where they had a lot of fun. I shopped for new clothes to begin my last year of school and even though it was quick was still very enjoyable.

I started school Wednesday August 8th. The class is Multi-cultural issues in education which is challenging. I support and I am an advocate for diversity but find it hard to constantly be confront with homosexuality and trying to accept when I do not. Hate the sin not the person is what I remind myself daily. On a different note...

This last weekend Travis and I took the kids to Medford. It was fun to do something just the four of us and we laid around our motel rooms and watched movies, shopped, ate out, drove around, and just enjoyed eachother. I picked up some new plants and don't know when I'll have time to plant them but I better do it soon. I still haven't cleaned my wrought iron gates which annoys me but I have so much reading I shouldn't have even blogged. Till next time