Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend Yardwork

-These pics are of Cole feeding our calves that we have at our house right now.....

Well, this weekend was nice. I had been telling Travis all week that we needed to finish our projects around the yard. We have Cole and Carly's birthday party this weekend and then we have my graduation party the following weekend. I am going to take some pictures of our landscaping to post. This afternoon I finished my senior seminar paper!!!! I am glad to be finished with it. I am also submitting it to a local history contest. It is just for fun since I worked very hard on it. I have one more paper to write and another to finish and then I will be done with my work for the semester. My last day of classes are on Thursday and I can't wait. Cole and Carly have both been really awesome lately.

Friday night, Travis and I took the kids to the Sea Grill for dinner. I wanted to spend some quiet time with Travis but I miss my kids because I have been doing so much school work. They were both good and we had some quality family time. It is nice to have time with just the four of us. It is hard some times because we want to see our extended families..

Janelle had her shower last weekend and of course I forgot my camera. I got sick from abalone the night before her shower and was a little out of sorts. I think she has six more weeks to go. I am jazzed to be an aunt and to see his little face. Cole and Carly are really in to babies and it is going to be interesting to see how they interact with him.

Oh yeah, I got accepted into the credential program at HSU for the fall!!!!! I should be hearing from Sunnybrae Middle School any day. I am excited to graduate but have two very busy weeks. Well, I will keep everyone posted.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I finally got my camera back and was going through my pictures and realized these pics of Carly were super "cute." She is growing up so fast and in two weeks she will be 2 years old. Her attitude seems to be improving everyday but she has her moments. I love her more with every sweet moment. I can't believe that her skin is still so soft, because Cole is all boy and no matter how much lotion I put on him he still isn't baby soft. His softness is in the inside!!!HA. Today, Travis drove to Fort Bragg to dive for Abalone and he got home this afternoon. Cole spent the day with my dad and they went to Willow Creek, and they said that we have five new baby calfs... I am excited for our new calfs. Carly spent the day at Annie's and I was so excited to hear that she was good. I don't want it to seem that she is bad, but she has a strong personality and I wonder sometimes if the way she acts with Cole is the way she is with others. I remember growing up that my mom always thought that we were guilty until proven innocent and I know that is how I am with Cole and Carly. I will not be a parent that thinks there kids are perfect and defends them without finding out the truth. I think that you should support your children but if they do something wrong I will correct them and not make excuses. I think parenting without excuses begins even when they are little because how do you not make excuses for them when they are older...Just a thought or maybe a ramble, oh well. I hope everyone has a great week.......

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Weekend

The newest member of our family is Taylor Lee. She was born on April 1st to Lily Lee Davarais (McCullough). She is beautiful and Lily is doing fabulous. I had the chance to see Taylor on Saturday and Janelle and I are going over tomorrow to stay the night with her.

I am horrible at keeping up with my pictures. I took my camera to Shasta Lake this past weekend but I was too lazy to get it out of the case and take some pictures. I promise to try and be better. Thursday, John and Vickie took Cole and Carly over to Redding and then Travis and I met up with them after I got done with school. We took our trailer to Shasta Lake again and went bass fishing over the weekend. This past weekend our family all came over to Shasta and we had Easter dinner Saturday night and there was 40 people there. It was great... Saturday consisted of a family bass tournament and coloring Easter eggs. We didn't pack up and leave till Monday morning. Carly stayed at Shasta with John and Vickie and Cole came home to go to preschool. Tomorrow when Janelle and I go visit Lily I am going to pick up Carly and Cole is going to get to stay and going fishing with his grandparents. I am very lucky to have such wonderful inlaws. We had a wonderful Easter and I am looking forward to warm weather.

This weekend I am hoping to work in my yard and plant some flowers and possibly plant some roses and a couple trees by our new dog kennel. I know that sounds kind of funny but I will have to post a couple of pictures of our new and improved dog kennel. Oh that reminds me we had our first baby calf for this year!!!! We put our bull in with our cows in June and we just had our first calf which is right on schedule. I might have to turn the digital camera over to Travis because he is better at taking pictures. Well I hope everyone is enjoying Spring and I am sure everyone is excited for Summer.....

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Okay, the school semester is closing in on me and I have been working on two papers and still have a project to complete. I have five weeks of school left and need to make sure I don't waste any valuable study time. Cole is doing well in Preschool and seems to not be as shy as when he first began. Carly is forever spunky and her and Cole are best friends.... Travis has been working around our house to complete some projects before he goes back to work. He poured cement for our dog kennel and he also enlarged the kids playground and put more pea gravel into it. My parent's are getting ready to go to Rome on Thursday for 13 days. I am very excited for them but I am going to miss them. Well I wanted to say hi to everyone and give a Crazy Carmesin update and I will try to post more frequently...