Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cole Wesley Carmesin

Sorry that I haven't posted lately I have been busy with many things. The McKinleyville Chamber is taking a huge chunk of my time these days. I am teaching the Native American Club at Dows Prairie School on Mondays, all the while working at my parent's office. Enough about me. This post is about Cole.

Cole is the type of child who has turned into a boy. Many people even call him a little man. He is responsible, caring, loving, and a great best friend to his sister and cousins. He told me yesterday that "Mom I need to try to be good everyday so I won't get into trouble." Mind you he doesn't get into to trouble. It isn't his nature. He is really easy going. He can be a little rat some days and he gets his fair share of reprimands but in the larger scope of things he is one sweet loving boy.

The second reason for this post is that I picked up his Kindergarten registration packet yesterday!!!!! I am screaming in my head right now. Can you believe that the little boy I brought home when I was twenty years old is now old enough to drag me behind him to Kindergarten. I will survive. Prior to this year I was set on Cole attending the traditional educational program at Dow's Prairie. After much research and many many meetings and presentations we have decided to enroll Cole in the Language Immersion program at the school district. The bottom line is that 50% of his day he will be taught in English and the other 50% of his day he is taught in Spanish. I know that some are critical of the program but we feel that if we can give our child the opportunity to have a more diverse education then by all means we want to make it happen. What skills and tools can we give Cole to help him succeed in higher education and in our slimming economy. Oh yeah, the chances of someone learning fluency by starting a second language in high school is slim to none. I am proof of that.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ok I am officially off my rocker!

Okay people I know that many of you visit my blog because I am always typing whatever comes to my mind! Yes, and usually it gets me in a lot of trouble:) Off the subject...

Back to my title. In December I was nominated the Vice President of the McKinleyville Chamber of Commerce. Yes you read right. The reason I am blogging about it is to ask everyone who is reading this to vote whether we should change the Azalea Festival back to Pony Express Days. There is a poll set up to have you vote on my blog, and the Chambers blog which is a link on the right. Check out the blog to keep abreast of all that we are doing for McKinleyville.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lucas Michael Jones

The newest member of our family was born yesterday January 12, 2009 at 2:21 in the afternoon. He weighed 7lbs 10oz and he is 19 inches long. Janelle went into the hospital Sunday January 11, 2009 to be induced a couple days before her January 15th due date. She was given cervidal for 12 hours then they started her on pitocin. After her water broke she was in full blown labor. She was given an epidural and progressed rapidly. She pushed for 15-20 minutes. Birth is always a miracle. Janelle is amazing she doesn't scream or yell, she is a quiet person while struggling. She focuses and endures. Sis and I wish we had her stamina. I don't have very good pictures of Lucas but I wanted to post what I did have. Jenna has some amazing photos and hopefully she'll send us what she has or post them on her blog. Travis and I love having nephews because there isn't anything quite like it. We get to spoil them rotten. I'll update with some better quality pics as soon as possible. Welcome Lucas:)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

As you can see we had a very big Christmas. The kids COMPLETELY soaked up the Santa concept. They loved opening presents and I wrapped even the smallest thing so that they would have lots to open. I didn't go to the Mall in Eureka, once. I know the mall sucks but still I ordered everything online and picked up stocking stuffers at Target. It took me an entire month to wrap all of our gifts and I finally asked Travis to help. Weird idea right? Next year, Travis will be an equal wrapper next year. Currently I am looking into where we will be spending our next Christmas. Vickie, Heidi, and I all want to go to Mexico. My mom has to be convinced and I have to take care of all the arrangements. Last time I checked Janelle was on board to be away next Christmas but Sis has to get back to me.

What we are looking for....A hotel on the beach, rooms that walk out to the ocean, kids programs, personal butlers, and one HECK of a spa! We are looking to be gone during the holidays, maybe 10 days. Dec 23-Jan. 2? We'll see. I need to go take a shower. I just went on a bike ride with my mom. We rode from my house to starbucks, to the hammond trail, the tressels, and then home. I can finally feel my feet. It's freezing today.

p.s. thanks to everyone who called me on my birthday. Amazing friends:) I'll post about the special day later.

I'm back..........

Happy New Year 2009!!!!