Thursday, August 28, 2008

Week of a lifetime?

This week has been remarkable! Below is a recap on what we've done each day and are what else I have planned.

Monday- Cole went to Vickie's and Carly went to work with my dad, as a CAT/Dozer operator and I worked in the office until 4pm. Came home and made Raviolis for dinner.

Tuesday-I woke up at 7:20 and had to get the kids fed and ready for school. I dropped them off at school with a huge smile on my face.....I do not work on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I have been day dreaming about being able to drop and pick the kids up from school and be at home while their at school. I came home and began cleaning my car out, weed eating, edging, and mowing. I also ordered take-out chinese so I didn't cook at all! I will follow up with some pictures of our house when my NEW camera gets charged. Back to our week. Tuesday was fabubulous because it was spent at home. I also watched my nephew Connor while my sister was at school. I finally get to be the watcher for once. This fall is off to a great start:)

Wednesday- Woke up at 7am again and promised that I would set my alarm the following day. I like to wake up before the kids so that I can drink coffee and be fully awake when I am making breakfast. I don't like to have my house disastrous when I leave for the day. Took the kids to school, went to the office for a couple of hours, went to Eureka and ran work errands until 3pm. Came home and the kids were riding Speck (horse) so I came home and they rode home... I made Tacos for dinner.

Today- Woke up at 6am, hip hip hooray!!! Going to make breakfast, take Carly to school (Cole spent the night at my mom's house.) Going to come home and finish mowing and doing laundry. Going to go up to the office and work for a couple of hours. Vickie is watching Connor and picking up the kids from school. SHE CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF HER BABIES. I can't thank her enough and I have the best mother-in-law!!! After work I am going to come home and pack for our labor day weekend. My mom, Janelle, Connor, Cole, Carly, Vickie, and myself are flying to San Fransisco on Friday and renting a car and driving up to Vallejo. We found the flight for REALLY cheap. We have all been driving a lot lately and really don't want to have to drive 5-6 hours each way. We are going to Marine World on Saturday and Sunday and then on Monday we are going to Pier 39 and San Francisco before we fly out, Monday night. The kids are jazzed about going on an airplane:) Tonight I am making black eyed peas (beans and ham) with fresh bread. I hated beans as a kid but now I love them. I especially like them on Indian Tacos on Day 2.

Friday-Work if I need to. Finish packing and cleaning up the house because I don't like to go out of town with a filthy house. Travis will be home working but he doesn't make a mess.*If he is working and by himself:) We don't fly out until 8pm so we may have to have Indian Tacos, we'll see.

This week has been a day dream for four years. Since Cole was born I have dreamed about staying home (A couple of days a week) and worked at my house. After four long years I have accomplished my academic goals and now I am moving towards my personal goals. Chat with you soon. Danielle

Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Pics

Updated Pictures

Friday, August 22, 2008

Summer in a Nutshell....

Things that we've accomplished 3 months.

1. Finished my bender board project (rock landscaping)

2. Read a bunch of books, some teaching theory books and plenty of pleasure novels.

3. Watch the complete series of Lipstick Jungle, Sex in the City, The McLeod's Daugthers, and Mad Men, and a load of misc films.

4. Taken the kids to the waterslides. We bought season passes and we defiantly got our money worths.

5. Helped put on my sister, Rachelle's wedding.

6. Vickie and I took the kids to Visit Sudi and Michael at their home in Oakhurst, California which is near Yosemite National Park. We had a lot of fun, even on our 9 hour car ride. Bass Lake is 5 minutes from their home and we went out on a Patio Boat one day and we had a great time.

7. Cole and Carly have become very comfortable in the water with swimmies and lifejackets on.

8. Travis is slaving away at work all week and saving up for his BIG hunt in November.

9. Booked our airline tickets, and planned our trip for Thanksgiving week. Travis, his Dad, Mom, and two of his uncles are going on an Elk, and Deer/Mule Deer hunt over the week of Thanksgiving so the kids and I are going to fly to my grandma Mickey's home in Sandpointe Idaho! The kids are very excited because their is so much wildlife right in her yard. I am more excited for Travis to go with his parents on their hunt because this is a trip of a lifetime. They have all dreamed about going on a private guided hunt and we are finally in a position to do so. When Travis and I got married we decided that everyother year we would try to go on a vacation together and then the next year we would try and have him go hunting in a place that he really wanted to go. So far so good..

10. That brings me to my next thought...Our next vacation. The last two times that we have went on vacation together we have went to Mexico. I really want to take a trip with the kids.... We take short trips within the continental U.S. with them but I grew up traveling around the globe and it is a priority to have my children experience different cultures as well. I know that I want to go to a place that is centered on families. Meaning rooms that are kid friendly, activities, and etc. I am thinking possibly Canada, Alaska, but I am not set on anything yet, but I have begun researching. My children and Travis love Wildlife so we'll see what I can find.

11. Over labor day we are taking the kids to Six Flags for the weekend with my mom, vickie, janelle, and connor.

12. I forgot to mention that I taught a summer course, Hollywood and History at College of the Redwoods this year. I am also working between 20 and 30 hours a week in the office, McCullough Const.

The past couple weeks have been very rewarding. I have the opportunity to go and spend quality time with Cole and Carly and my family that I love. I haven't been sidetracked with preparing for school to start! I AM FINISHED! I haven't applied for any teaching positions because I am taking a year off to regroup and I am busy enough managing the office. I have realized that many people in my extended family and in the community keep bugging me with asking "filler" questions such as "what are you doing Danielle?" I want to say " I just lay on the couch, eat ice cream and gossip about people." YEAH RIGHT! Instead, I give them a polite rant about how I manage my families construction company, take care of the kids, wife, and I am taking a year before Cole goes to Kindergarten to refocus. Why can't people find better things to talk about....

I am also realizing that people who aren't busy enough or are really negative are not people I want to be around...but that is a different post.

My plans for this year include parenting, working, spending time with Travis, traveling, writing, and being happy!!!

Love you all. Danielle