Sunday, February 25, 2007

I have had a busy week. Cole and Carly have been really sick this past week. They both got flu shots this year but this flu was lethal. Vickie is out of town this week in Hawaii and thankfully my mom had school off because she watched the kids for me. I don't know how I would do it without the support of my family. I would manage but I would definately have to downsize my school load. Anyway, Travis has been working at the ranch in Salyer for the past couple of weeks and everything is looking great. My dad and Travis's dad ripped all the blackberries out and now Travis is rebuilding the rotten fence. School is going okay I have an interview for the credential program on Saturday. I had to submit a lesson plan on the Cold War in under five days and now we have an interview with two members of a committee and they will ask me questions specifically about my lesson plan. I am nervous but I have reread my lesson a couple times and at least I have the chance to expand my vision instead of the committee just reading it and that being it. I take two more tests on March 17th and I have to pass them. These tests are required to be accepted into the credential program and they are tough. I have one class at school that is very fun and that is the psychology of women. The class is funny and interesting and doesn't require extra out of class thought! I hope everyone has a great week and March is almost here......

Monday, February 19, 2007

Weekend Getaway

Hello Everyone, well it seems I don't like to blog unless there is something great going on or I've done something fun. This last weekend, my sisters, my mom, and my grandma went to Calistoga to a bed in breakfast/Spa. We drove down Friday afternoon, met my grandma at the hotel and had a late dinner. Saturday morning we got up and headed for our treatments. We all received massages, and mud/lavender hydrotherapy baths. We got into the hot tub, sauna, and laughed a lot. We drove from Calistoga to Napa which is about 30 minutes and did some shopping. We stayed at the Mount View hotel and Spa which is in downtown Calistoga. The website is if anyone wants to see it. It was a great weekend and I loved shopping. Eddie Bauer is my new favorite store because they sell petite jeans that aren't too short and I don't have to have them hemmed. I also like their clothes because I will be able to wear them into the classroom, when I finish school!!!

School is going and I have to write 15 pages of my 25 page paper in two weeks so I'll probably be very stressed, but "this too shall pass." Carly is sick right now, and I have been up with her all night. Travis took the kids to Trees of Mystery on Sunday while I was gone and took some really cute pictures. He used his camera which isn't digital that is why I didn't post them. Well, life is going by and I am poking along. I hope everyone had a great valentines day.

Monday, February 05, 2007

I haven't blogged in awhile because school has started. This is my last last undergraduate semester and I am really excited. I have only 12 units this semester but it feels like 20 again. I have a senior seminar class in history where I have to write 25 pages. This may not seem that bad, but all historians know that 25 pages will range in the hundreds of footnote citations. Anyway, back to something more interesting...

Life has been pretty much the same lately. We had a superbowl get together yesterday and my mom wanted to do a football pool. We laughed really hard every time my mother-in-law would try to figure out who was going to win the pool. We ate prime rib, for the main course and last night when Travis and I went to bed we both felt like we had gained 10lbs.

Carly and I start Tadpole swim lessons tonight and she is going to love it. She is a water dog!!!!! Cole and I went last year and he hung on to my neck the entire time. I am looking forward to seeing one of the many differences between my children. I am not looking forward to a swim suit!

I know this has been a random blog, but sometimes those are necessary!!!