Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Vacation Part 2

The pictures below are from our fishing trip to Shasta Lake. They are late but I think the one with Carly is priceless.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Friday, March 16, 2007


I know what everyone is thinking...Where are all of my pictures from the week? Well, I forgot my camera in our travel trailer which is in Redding...I am sorry and promise to post as soon as Travis gets back from his boys weekend fishing in a couple of weeks. I am excited to share all of our fishing stories with everyone.

I had a great week. We left early Friday morning and Travis pulled our trailer and I took my car and pulled the boat over to Shasta Lake. I was excited to get away from school and work and just spend time with Travis and my kids. We made it over to the lake in the afternoon after lunch in Redding and some quick stops for "fishing lures!" As soon as we reached Jones Valley we picked out our site and we loaded the kids into the boat. I was a little nervous to see how they would act on the boat but I soon found out. They were very excited and a few time Travis and I looked at eachother and tooks some really deep breaths. The next morning I went to Wal-Mart and bought a strap on highchair and Travis rigged Carly's seat into the boat. To make a long story short the kids were fabulous in the boat and Carly made it 6 hours on the lake one day.

I finished two books, laid in the sun, and ate way too much. As a side note I am currently addicted to CHEESE and costco was selling this gourmet cheese made by Yancy Fancy and like everything that costco does they discontinued it. I found the cheese online and I ordered a bunch. I have to wait two days for it to ship. Yes, she will ship well!!! Now I must hit the treadmill to be able to soak myself in cheese!!!HA.

Back to our vacation, We packed up Thursday morning dropped our trailer off to get a water leak fixed at the RV dealer and then we had lunch and made our way home. I have been doing laundry since we got home and didn't realize how much I would have. I will probably think of more to post once I have my stupid camera....

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Potty Trained????

Okay, my sisters would all say that I need to post pictures each time I blog but, hey they aren't the only ones who I type to....Anyway, Carly is officially potty trained!!!!! Everyone always said that Girls were easier than boys but they have never met my daughter!!! Learning to go on the potty has been one of the only things that she hasn't been stubborn with. One day she just pottied and the rest is down the drain!ha She is wearing a pull-up at night but undies all day. Cole has been potty trained since 2 years old and he still wears a pull-up at night. I just wanted to share with everyone that when I didn't stress about Carly doing everything when "expected" she relaxed and taught herself. I am not kidding myself, this is one point for missy but I am still the boss for a couple more years!ha

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Hello, Everyone just an update on what the Carmesins' have been doing lately.... I had my first interview with the social science committee on Saturday. It went well, and was a lot easier than I expected. They asked each canidate 5 generic questions and then 1 specific question to the lesson plan that I had created. The questions weren't hard and I felt that they represented who I wanted to be as a teacher. On Sunday, we went to church, lunch, and then while the kids were napping Travis and I worked on getting our travel trailer all situated for next week. We are taking the kids to Shasta Lake to go bass fishing. I LOVE IT!! I love fish tacos (Yes, they are good, not fishy...) We go every year around this time and Cole is extremely excited to go. I have spring break so it will be nice to get away. Sunday afternoon we took Cole and Carly and our dog, Tippy, to the beach. It was a nice day for Mckinleyville and the kids had a blast. Since we are going to be gone next week I am having to work a lot to make sure the office is taken care and trying to get a firm grasp on my homework before the break. I need to dedicate what time I spend doing anything related to school on studying for my CSET tests that I take March 17th.... Anyway, I have midterms this week and then .....Graduation.

Oh yeah, Cole is starting preschool March 19th!!!! He is going to go to Dows Prairie Children's center. I have met the teacher several times and feel great about it. We went yesterday to pick up some paperwork and Cole was shy but warmed up really quick and then didn't want to leave. He is going to go two days a week in the mornings. I think it is going to be great for him to go somewhere that he isn't related to everyone and has a lot of interaction. He told me when we were leaving that "Mom, there isn't a lot of kids at my school." I said no there isn't, compared to the 25 2-3year olds in the church nursery! I think he warmed up quickly because there wasn't a load of kids. It was 8:30 and there was about 6. Wish us luck on our vacation and i'll post some cute pics when we get back