Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Many people don't like to buy things for others off of their Christmas list but I personally appreciate ideas, suggestions, details and even specifics. It doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to get them what their list says but it does tell me what their interests are and so on.

I'm interested in getting a new...


2. Macy's gift card- MAC make-up and clothes.

3. Buckle gift card- New pair of pants

4. Starbucks gift card- Peppermint Lattes while I cruise to Klamath or grade papers

5. Travel coffee mug- Mine cups always disappear

6. Parker's Beauty Bar Gift Cert.- Hair is so expensive:)

7. James Patterson's New book "I, Alex Cross"- I just love reading. * Audiobooks more than actual text, right now.

8. Candles from Bath & Body Works
Vanilla Bean or Lavender Leaves

How is that for specifics. Maybe i'll post ideas for the kids? or maybe I'll fly solo on this list :)

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The Brunner Bunch said...

hilarious- thanks for the ideas! ;) I'm glad you posted and I love the new picture of the family- call me and we'll do dinner sometime?? Love ya!